How to Rent or Buy a Franking Machine

Information on how to rent or buy your own franking machine in the UK.

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The Important Advice to purchasing or Leasing a Franking Machine:

Purchasing or leasing a franking machine can be a daunting Process so when negotiating your franking machine there a number of vital question you need to ask When talking to a franking machine supplier sales person. When talking to sales people remember that most are on commission which can often influence the information given to you so its always worth checking direct with the suppliers if you are not sure.

Vital Points to cover when considering buying or purchasing a franking machine:

  1. Is the supplier Royal Mail authorised?

  2. Check how much the ink costs and more importantly how long they last?

  3. How much is the transaction charge for adding postage to the machine. This can be either a fixed price per transaction or an annual fee.

  4. The new Royal Mail terms and conditions make it mandatory that your franking machine has up to date prices. As such such check how much do they charge for a Royal Mail postage price update. (Remember the Royal Mail have changed prices recently by up to 3 time in a year)

  5. If you are signing a lease or rent agreement ask how much they charge for the 'Admin Fee' or the 'Documentation Fee'. These can be anything from £75 up to £200 which is added to the first rental.

  6. Pricing for franking labels?

  7. Price for the company slogan and / or the external return address?

  8. Price for the Annual Maintenance cover and what it includes? Most smaller machines now are 'return to base' maintained so you need to check if they send an engineer out or if you have to send it back to them.

  9. Do they employ their own technicians.

  10. Do they install and train you on the machine or do they send it to you in a box and you then have to call in for assistance (usually in overseas call centres)?