Frequently asked Questions about Franking Machines

Answers to a series of questions about all types of franking machines based in the UK.

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Franking Machine Mail FAQ's.

What Royal Mail Products & Services can I pay for using a franking machine?

You can use a franking machine to pay for the following Royal Mail services:

  • Special Delivery (all services and compensation levels)
  • First Class
  • Second Class
  • Standard Parcels
  • Airmail & Airsure
  • International Signed For™
  • Overseas Surface Mail
  • Recorded Post

Is a franking machine for all types of business?

Yes, franking is used by mall, medium and large organisations both business, education and government organisations.

Where do I get a franking machine and how do I choose one?

Visit or call 08450 530930

How much does using a franking machine cost to use and run?

Royal Mail costs are the costs of franking your postage.In addition you'll need to take into consideration the cost of leasing or buying your machine and running the machine.

Are there any other important things I should know?

Yes in particular:

  1. The Royal Mail can withdraw permission to use a franking machine for any contravention of the terms and conditions of use or if for any other reason they believe there to be illegal activity.
  2. You need to have your machine inspected at least once a year by a Royal Mail apProved Inspector.
  3. You must inform your supplier / maintainer and / or the Royal Mail if you move or change your franking machine.
  4. You must present your post under the terms & conditions of your Franking Machine Licence.

Once I have franked my post what do I do next?

The royal Mail can supply you with red and green bags, trays or mail bags to help you with the correct presentation of your mail.

Can the Royal Mail collect my franked mail from me?

You can have a your mail collected for a fee. You need to contact the Royal Mail on 08457 950 950 for prices and to arrange.

Where and how can I post my franking machine mail?

There's a number of ways to post your franked mail:

  1. Get it Connected: You can simply arrange for the Royal Mail to collect your mail permanently or as a one of single collection for a fee. Its always worth checking with the Royal Mail on 08457 950 950 tge price to have your post collected.
  2. Special Franked Mail Post Boxes: If you are near an industrial estate or an area with many local business's operating theres a high chance they'll be a 'Franked Mail' Box. If youre lucky enough to have one of these nearby then these are always a good cost effective option.
  3. The Local Post Office: Most franking machine users tend to take their mail to the local post office.
  4. The Local Sorting Office: You can also take your mail direct to the sorting office.

Can I enter the weight in manually on my franking machine?

Until recently the Royal Mail allowed manual value and weight entry on franking machines but now this feature is being withdrawn from most machines, to avoid mistakes and surcharges.