The DM220 Franking Machine is the Pitney Bowes equivalent of a medium volume franking machine for up to 80 items / letters a day.

The DM220 Franking Machine is designed for low volume users that need to prepare 45 items / letters a minute

Medium Volume Franking Machine for up to 80 items / letters a day by Pitney Bowes.

DM220 Description

The Pitney Bowes DM220 franking machine series is one of the latest franking machines released by Pitney Bowes. It is here to replace the older DM175i and DM200i franking machine models. Like the DM160i machine, the Pitney Bowes DM220i machine has been apProved to print in “smart blue” ink. The DM220 is an all in one franking machine, with an integrated weighing scale allowing users to get their postage cost calculated for them instantly. Have up to a 35 Kg scale and make the most of this fantastic machine.

DM220 Key Features

  • Speed = 45 Letters per minute

  • Envelope size = DL, C5 & C4

  • Feed Method = Pass Through Franking

  • Dimensions = H: 230mm, W: 345mm, D: 400mm

  • Maximum envelope thickness = 9.5mm

  • Scale option = 5 Kg, 7 Kg, 12 Kg or 35 Kg Only