The Mailstart Plus Franking Machine is the ideal entry volume franking machine for up to 30 items / letters a day.

The Mailstart Plus Franking Machine is ideal for new frankers

Entry Level Franking Machine for up to 30 items / letters a day by Mailcoms.

Mailstart Plus Description

The Mailcoms Mailstart Plus franking machine is the perfect entry level franking machine on the market as it is suitable for all types of businesses. Whether you frank small mail loads or slightly larger loads, the Mailstart Plus can deal with it. This model franking machine is brand new and only recently released by Mailcoms. It uses a manual feeding system which can Produce mail at a top speed of 15 letters per minute. Use an integrated weighing scale to your advantage to calculate your franking costs in an instant and speed up the entire franking Process.

Mailstart Plus Key Features

  • Speed = 20 Letters per minute

  • Envelope size = DL, C5 & C4

  • Feed Method = Manual

  • Dimensions = H: 231mm, L: 351mm, D: 264mm

  • Maximum envelope thickness = 9.5mm

  • Scale option = 2.5 Kg Only