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Information in this site will prepare you when contacting franking machine suppliers and you'll be able to ask the important questions and challenge the answers so you don't get caught out. Franking Machine Quotes Also Available.

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The World of Franking Machines Explained...

When posting your mail you have a wide range of options you can send it with the Royal Mail. If your mail is only a few a day then stamps would be a good option. If you send plenty of mail out or have monthly or weekly bulk amounts then a franking machine would be a good idea.

UK Franking Machine mail prices are up to 33% less than stamped mail in addition to many other benefits such as better accounting, ease of use, no more queues at the post office and a more Professional look.

Your franking machine can be bought outright or leased from Royal Mail authorsied suppliers, inspectors and Maintainers. Money for postage is added to the machine via ether an analogue phone line, a pc connection or a lan connection. This is then usually paid for by direct debit, bacs or cheque. Most franking Machines can print a personalised slogan and some can even now give the option of full colour logo printed that you design yourself and upload to the machine within minutes.

Some Key Points when choosing your franking machine to always ask are:

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Most Popular Franking Machines

If you havent desided on your Ideal franking machine yet then we recommend you browse our large collection of the most popular machines in the UK so that you can get the best possible deal on the best possible franking machine. We also have a comparison for you to view if you need that little bit extra help choosing.

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Now you have chosen your franking machine remember the following:

Before you begin, make sure your franking machine price and date is set correctly and you’ve got all you need to carry out your mailing.

You can frank onto envelopes of almost any size or colour, but to make sure a clear, legible franked print we recommend using labels on coloured or printed envelopes or packets. ApPropriate labels are available from

Once you become a licensed franking machine user the Royal Mail will issue you with red and green bags for 1st and 2nd class mail supply you with pouches to present your bundled mail in. Red Bags are for First Class and Green pouches are for Second Class mail.

There's a number of ways to post your franked mail:
  • Get it Collected: You can simply arrange for the Royal Mail to collect your mail permanently or as a one off single collection for a fee. Its always worth checking with the Royal Mail on 08457 950 950 the price to have your post collected.

  • Special Franked Mail Post Boxes: If you are near an industrial estate or an area with many local business's operating there's a high chance they'll be a 'Franked Mail' box. If you're lucky enough to have one of these nearby then these are always a good cost effective option.

  • The Local Post Office: Most franking machine users tend to take their mail the local post office.

  • The Local Sorting Office: You can also take your mail direct to the sorting office

If you have a low amount of post you can use 'Late Meter Posting Envelopes'. These are simply oversize You can place your low volume franked mail or late franked mail into 'Meter posting Envelopes' and post them in a normal 'pillar' or Royal Mail Post Box. Late posting envelopes and low volume. Your franking machine supplier can offer these or you can get them easily online from sites such as

If you’re mailing large amounts of Letters or Large Letters you can present your mail in trays or containers which are available from the Royal Mail.

Franking Machine Mail mail should be presented to the Royal Mail in the post area printed in the 'Town Circle shown on the franking impression. It should also be presented the same day it was franked.

Some Key Points when choosing your franking machine to always ask are: